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cInput 2.4.5 Released

Greetings! An update to cInput has been submitted to the Asset Store and the cInput website. If you bought cInput from the Asset Store then the update should be available within 24 (business) […]

Be Tiny, World! v1.130115.1 Released

It needed to be done. Be Tiny, World! was just too noisy! After so long, I’ve released an update to Be Tiny, World! for all platforms. Now you can enjoy […]

Blast Off! Released

Once again, I participated in an event on called New Apps for the New Year (NANY) 2013. And once again, lots of great freeware/donationware programs were created for NANY 2013. I made […]

Blast Off! Title Screen

Blast Off!

Blast Off! is an arcade-style game in which you wait for just the right opening to ignite your rocket’s engines in an attempt to launch into orbit. But beware the […]