Archive for July, 2008

Universe v0.00.09 (Pre-Alpha)

Build 9 was created today. Download it. Changelog: Minor adjustment to Sun effects. Very basic (and terrible looking) distance display next to pointers to give you an idea how far […]

Universe v0.00.08 (Pre-Alpha)

Universe Build 8 is ready to demo. Download it. Nothing has changed visually so no new screen shots this time. Changes: Pressing D now toggles drag, keeping you from automatically […]

Universe v0.00.07 (Pre-Alpha)

Universe Pre-Alpha Build 7 was created today. Download it. Prettied up the way the sun looks. Added HUD pointers to point out where objects are in space. This allows me […]

Universe v0.00.06 (Pre-Alpha)

Universe Pre-Alpha Build 6 was created today. Download it. Planets are now spread far apart from each other. Traveling can take some time, especially with solar systems that have a […]

Universe v0.00.05 (Pre-Alpha)

Universe Pre-Alpha Build 5 has been created today. Download it. Solved the repetitious small background images problem by randomizing the tilemap each time it wraps. Finalized parallax background effect. Decided […]

Universe v0.00.04 (Pre-Alpha)

Universe Pre-Alpha Build 4 was created today. Added rudimentary parallax scrolling background. Now you feel like you’re moving around! Note to self: I’m concerned about resource usage for large backgrounds […]

Universe v0.00.03 (Pre-Alpha)

Universe Pre-Alpha Build 3 has been released. Added controllable spaceship to fly around planets. Added a few stars to the background to give a sense of movement. Note to self: […]