Archive for September, 2008

Universe v0.00.15 alpha

Announcing Universe Build 15! Get it here. Changelog: Code for the player controls have been overhauled (internally), which means you will not notice the following changes: Spaghetti code has been […]

Universe v0.00.14 alpha

Universe Build 14 is here. Download it. Changelog: Fixed the instant slowdown that occurred when changing to Battle Mode. Fixed a bug introduced by the above instant slowdown fix. Found […]

Universe v0.00.13 alpha

Universe Build 13 is now available. Download it. Changelog: You can now switch to “Battle Mode” by pressing M. This alters the controls of the ship to give you more […]

Universe v0.00.12 alpha

Universe Build 12 is now available. Download it. Changelog: Drag/damping is now disabled by default. Modified player controls internally to allow for more options later. (Nothing visible to the user.) […]