Last year I did a recap of the top ten games I played in 2019, and because verbosity is something that comes naturally to me, it was a very long post. I wanted to do something similar this year, but this time I’ve decided to split up my top ten games I played in 2020 into separate posts to make it a bit easier to write and link to individually, should I want to.

So, expect to see my top ten games of 2020 here soon. But until then, I thought I’d alphabetically list all the contenders by naming all the games I can think of that I played in 2020 for at least an hour or so, if not much longer. For games that are available on multiple platforms, I played them on PC unless stated otherwise.

The contenders for the top ten games I played in 2020 are:

Check back later to see which of these games made my Top Ten Games I Played in 2020 list.