This is a relatively small map I made which is good for a hectic deathmatch. A wide availability of powerful weapons (and Quad Damage powerups!) as well as a few death traps ensure that you will die a lot. But don’t worry too much about dying, because everyone else will be dying too! If you can survive the lava obstacle course, you will be rewarded with an increase of 50 health points, which lasts permanently through the entire match! If you see someone else trying to navigate the obstacle course, be sure to pull out your rocket launchers and grab a quad damage to blast them to smithereens!


FULL download: 26MB (Custom Music)
LITE download: 150KB (No Music)




  • Gave the map a name: Lava Gauntlet
  • Minor texture changes
  • Minor lighting changes


  • Ammunition has been reorganized to make it less easy to get the most powerful weapon right away.
  • Some retexturing has been done.
  • Unused portions of the map which were outside of the “arena” boundaries have been removed.
  • Subtle lens flares have been added to help you know where to aim to kill the snipers behind one-way-walls.
  • Lighting!
    • The chosen skybox is a nighttime scene, so the entire map is a little darker. Blue and Red Bases, however, glow with color to highlight their entrances and pathways.
    • The lighting probably needs more work, but it should be very playable at this point.


  • Fall-through lava death traps have been made smaller because people seemed unable to remember to avoid them.
    • Remember folks, yellow stripes mean caution.
  • Another common cause of death was that snipers would jump off the sniper balconies into the lava death traps. Yellow stripe textures have now been added to sniper ledges where jumping off may result in a fiery death.
  • Reduced Chain gun ammo availability in starting bases.
  • Added a quick escape from the Permanent Health Boost lava obstacle course. If you made it that far you deserve an easy way out.
  • Added teleports back into the arena in the chance someone manages to legitimately get stuck outside.
  • Various retexturing done to help add clarity and visibility to what is where.
  • Just for mouser: Added an extra sniping position in each base using the cheapest of cheaps: One-way walls. Interestingly enough, the only weapons that actually travel through the one-way walls (if you’re in the right position) are the Rocket Launcher and the Sniper Crossbow.
  • Added a couple more spawn points.
  • Removed the Super Mario Bros. techno remix from the custom song list. I like the song but it was getting annoying on the map. This means that the FULL Download has been updated to this version, since the song is no longer a necessary part of the download.


  • Added a few more weapons, armors, and health packs around the level.
  • Added bases for Capture the Flag mode.
  • Added cfg file for map which currently adds the following features:
    • Makes sure correct textures show up when the map is loaded.
    • Uses a custom skybox. (socksky/nightball)
    • Custom music track list.
  • Added support for DCUpdater. (packages/deozaan/deozaan.dcupdate)
  • Screenshot now shows when loading map.

(Sometime in February or March, 2008)

  • Initial Release. Level layout and item placement nearly finalized.