Universe is the project name of a 2D Sci-Fi space game for PC (Windows XP/Vista/7). It has a control style similar to Escape Velocity Nova and Star Control II.

The idea behind Universe is to create a procedurally generated universe with virtually infinite number of solar systems to visit and interact with. Technically, there are a very finite and relatively small number of solar systems in the game–of course, if you’re talking about an infinite set of numbers, any finite number is infinitely small–but the number is significantly large enough that for practical purposes no human will be able to visit them all in his or her lifetime.

Download Universe

The game is in very early alpha stages, and hasn’t been worked on for a long time. You may also be interested in looking at the changelog.

Please be aware that there is no installation necessary. Just unpack the Zip file and run Universe.exe. Also please note that these builds have not been tested for compatibility with any computer but my own, and are intended for Windows XP/Vista/7.

The ship is respawning nearby.

Another interesting thing to note is that these alpha builds are compatible with DcUpdater made by mouser at DonationCoder.com. (DonationCoder is also a great site for lots of other cool software.) To get informed on updates using DcUpdater, simply run update.exe. If you don’t have DcUpdater installed, it will help you install it. If you do have DcUpdater installed, it will add Universe to the list of applications to check for updates.

Spaceship and Starry Background

This game is created with Torque Game Builder.