Universe Build 8 is ready to demo. Download it. Nothing has changed visually so no new screen shots this time.


  • Pressing D now toggles drag, keeping you from automatically slowing down and allowing you to travel faster. This also allows you to keep moving in the same direction without pressing any buttons.
  • Disabling drag no longer allows you to accelerate to warp speed. A maximum speed limit when drag is disabled has been implemented. (Press M to toggle the maximum speed limit. Please note that this will likely be removed or replaced with a real warp speed and that currently this option is just here to make it possible to travel fairly quickly.)
  • Improved HUD pointer arrows so they don’t wander around as much as they used to.
  • Made it easier to update using updater.exe

Note to self: HUD Pointers still need some work to keep them from wandering off screen.

ToDo List:

  • Finish Solar System Creation (moons, asteroids, starbases, etc.).
  • Finish HUD Pointers (visibility fading and different icons).
  • Get stuff in there to blow up.