Universe Build 14 is here. Download it.


  • Fixed the instant slowdown that occurred when changing to Battle Mode.
  • Fixed a bug introduced by the above instant slowdown fix.
  • Found and fixed a bug that enabled you to fly 3 times faster than intended when returning to Travel Mode from Battle Mode.
  • The code for the HUD pointers have been overhauled (internally). Spaghetti code across multiple files has been merged into one concise file, eliminating a lot of extra garbage that got in there while I was trying to figure out how to get them to work properly.
  • Pointers can also now easily have their settings adjusted. This makes it easier to customize things such as size, visible distance, and whether to show an arrow (like earlier releases) or an icon representing the target object.
  • Finally, HUD Pointers distance display text (the numbers) are a little more compact.