Announcing Universe Build 15! Get it here.


Code for the player controls have been overhauled (internally), which means you will not notice the following changes:

  • Spaghetti code has been merged into one single class file for the player.
  • The code no longer relies on some built in functions and values.
  • The code is now more able to handle cooler 3D display effects that are planned for later.

Changes to player controls that you may notice:

  • Turning speed has been adjusted for both Travel and Battle modes.
  • Acceleration rate has been adjusted for both Travel and Battle modes.

Also, fellow member hamradio made a temporary icon for me based on a vague description I gave him: “It needs to be related to space somehow. Spaceship, sun, planet, moon, starbase, comet, stars… something.” So now the website and DCUpdater should use this icon, and the game itself will probably in the next build (when I figure out how to do that). Anyway, if you haven’t noticed the image on the website yet, click the image below to behold it in full 256×256 glory: