I’ve just rolled out some Android specific updates for Be Tiny, World! that should greatly improve performance. I also just realized that I forgot to mention v1.2 anywhere, and in fact I even forgot to activate it on the Google Play store so nobody else even knew about it. Oh well, I guess everyone (all 5 people who have downloaded it) will just skip v1.2 and go straight to v1.3.

Changes for v1.2 and v1.3 include:

  • Greatly reduced onscreen polygons (tris/verts) for bullets and explosions for improved framerate.
  • Completely rewrote collision detection for improved framerate.
  • Triple shot now happens every 6th shot instead of every 5th (to make it less easy).
  • Fixes for bugs introduced in v1.2 that apparently nobody experienced since they couldn’t get v1.2.
  • “Back” key on Android will go back to main menu from Credits screen, or quit the game from the main menu.
  • While in gameplay, “Back” key will restart the game, and the “Menu” key will return to the main menu.

As usual, all downloads can be found here:

Be Tiny, World!