This past weekend I heard about a 2-hour game jam called Glorious Trainwrecks. I decided to join it, thinking I had come up with a game idea that I could make in two hours.

So… I overestimated myself. But the good news is that my game is awful because of it. So it is a very glorious trainwreck of a game indeed!

I present to you:

Earth Invaders

Earth Invaders is an amazing game where you control the space invaders and try to get past the defenses and successfully invade the Earth. Or at least that’s what it was supposed to be. But it’s an incomplete game due to the two-hour limit. Many things were not implemented, such as winning or losing conditions. And fun.

Download & Play:

Scan this QR Code to download the game on your Android device

Play in browser or download: Win32 | Win64 | Mac | Android


Press the Space bar to make the Invaders hold still. Press R to reset the game.


And here’s a timelapse of me making the game: