An update to cInput has been submitted to the Asset Store and the cInput website. If you bought cInput from the Asset Store then the update should be available within 24 (business) hours. If you bought it from the website then the update is available right now.

NOTE: This is a fairly significant change to cInput internally. And some of the old GUI functions/methods have been deprecated to make way for the new, separate GUI script. The good news is that if you’re using any of the old GUI code, it should warn you to update your scripts to use the new GUI stuff.

One of the big new features this version has is the ability to use modifier keys.

We also re-organized the directory structure, so the proper way to upgrade from cInput versions before 2.5.0 is to just delete all the old cInput folders and files and import the new package file.

cInput changes:


  • Added the ability to set up and use modifier keys with AddModifier() and SetKey(). (Thanks Steve Tack and others)
  • Added the ability to set gravity with SetAxisGravity() rather than having all axes use the same gravity. (Thanks Can Baycay)
  • You can now also set the gravity for an axis when you create it with SetAxis(). (Thanks Can Baycay)
  • Rewrote GUI code and separated it from cInput into its own script (see cGUI documentation).
  • Separated Keys class from cInput into separate script.
  • Added new GUISkins.