Be Tiny, World! has been updated.

It’s been a while since doing any work on Be Tiny, World! In fact, I had considered it a flawed, but complete game that I would no longer work on except to fix any glaring bugs as necessary. But then I had a crazy idea for a Twitter bot this past weekend and set to work implementing it. Once I had it working, I thought it would be fun to incorporate it into Be Tiny, World!

Of course, that’s not all I did. While I was poking around in the code, I decided to make some improvements as well.

v1.140413.16 changes:

  • Fixed another bug with calculating accuracy (division by zero)
  • It’s now possible to get back to the main menu from a sub menu with the escape key.
  • You can now quit back to the title screen mid-game.
  • I’ll just leave this here:
  • Other improvements, fixes, and optimizations.

As usual, the downloads can be found here:

Be Tiny, World!