An update to cInput has been submitted to the Asset Store and the cInput website. If you bought cInput from the Asset Store then the update should be available within a few (business) days. If you bought it from the website then the update is available right now.

This update introduces a new choice. We now offer a DLL version (no source code) of cInput for $15 and a version with the source code, called cInput Pro for $30.

cInput changes:


  • Fixed case where analog input wouldn’t always give correct value. (Thanks Manolo)
  • Fixed GetButtonDown and GetButtonUp not working properly with analog inputs. (Thanks hoeloe)
  • Fixed external string loading working with recent axis inversion status changes.
  • You can now retrieve sensitivity, deadzone, and gravity values. (Thanks defaxer)

About cInput

cInput is a custom input manager for the Unity game engine. It allows you to easily set up and customize your games controls at run-time. For more information, take a look at cInput’s website or the listing on the Unity Asset Store.