An update to cInput has been submitted to the Asset Store and the cInput website. If you bought cInput from the Asset Store then the update should be available within a few (business) days. If you bought it from the website then the update is available right now.

One of the changes included is the option to get input from any connected gamepad. For this new functionality to work, you’ll need to reinstall the cInput InputManager.asset file by using the “Edit -> Project Settings -> cInput -> Replace InputManager.asset file” menu command in the Unity Editor.

cInput changes:


  • cInput can now be set up to check for input from any gamepad axis.
  • Fixed disabling PlayerPrefs causing problems. (Thanks jpthek9)
  • Keys class now has proper mappings for Xbox 360 gamepad on WebGL player.

About cInput

cInput is a custom input manager for the Unity game engine. It allows you to easily set up and customize your game’s controls at run-time. For more information, take a look at cInput’s website or the listing on the Unity Asset Store.