This month has zoomed past, and July is upon us! Here is a summary of what I’ve worked on these past few weeks:

I finally finished the conversion of the cInput Reference Manual conversion to GitBook format. Along the way, I also found and fixed a few mistakes in the documentation. So now the GitBook version is superior to the Google Docs version, which will soon be considered deprecated.

During some slow moments waiting for feedback or assets from others for Cubiq, I’ve also done more work on the Blasteroids UI overhaul and feature upgrade. Actually the features have been implemented for quite a while, but enabling or disabling them via UI has been a somewhat slow process because I’ve been so focused on getting Cubiq out the door.

Speaking of Cubiq, earlier this month we made a decision as a team to aim for a beta release by the beginning of July. As I’ve been saying repeatedly in the past few entries, the game itself is virtually complete and finished. It’s mostly just a matter of putting in some finishing touches and perhaps most importantly getting feedback about any potential bugs from a variety of players that we couldn’t find ourselves given our small team.

So we’ll start with a relatively small limited beta on Google Play and gradually expand to a full, unlimited release. More details about that will be forthcoming in the inevitable beta announcement post, which will probably be on Cubiq’s official site instead of this, my personal blog. That said, I’ll be sure to post something here linking to the details of the announcement.

For the time being, most of what’s left before launching the beta is to make a bunch of promotional art, such as screenshots and a trailer video, and fill out more details about the game on the website.

Check back for more details about the beta in the coming days.