Blasteroids has been updated on as well as the Google Play Store.

This is a relatively minor update but it does have a few important fixes for problems that exist in the previous release.

When I implemented and tested the new video resolution options everything was working fine. But then it seems that when I tested and built the update for Android, it made the project lose some important information related to the resolution settings for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. So I unwittingly released a build for desktop systems in which the windowed resolution options didn’t work. This has been fixed.

Additionally, in the last release I fully removed using PlayerPrefs to store and load game data, but in the process I didn’t catch the fact that if you start the game for the first time without any previously saved data, there would be problems. This has also been fixed.

Blasteroids on Google Play

I also realized that the font size was rather small in the game, especially the scores and other UI elements at the top of the screen during gameplay, so that has been increased somewhat.

And finally, this release was made in Unity 5.5 which has new customization options for the splash screen, so now the game features the Blasteroids logo on the splash screen and on a small loading screen before the main menu loads. On Android the game will connect to Google Play Games Services during this loading screen to prevent it from interrupting flow at the main menu.

The changelog since the last update is below.


  • Fixed errors that could occur when running game for the first time (with no previous save data).
  • Fixed windowed resolution settings being broken.
  • Increased font size for some UI elements to help with high DPI screens.
  • New splash & loading screens.