Time Bomb has received a maintenance release for 2019.

The last time I gave Time Bomb a maintenance release, changes to the physics system caused a weird issue where you could sometimes be shoved up into the air when colliding with the enemy robots.

Additionally, there was some weird issue with the animation of the robots that caused them to look like they were walking on a gimpy leg.

The good news is that I fixed the “climbing over the robots” bug in this update. The bad news is that I forgot all about the gimpy leg issue until I started writing this blog entry, so it didn’t get fixed. But I didn’t even notice the gimpy leg in my testing this time, so maybe it’s not as bad as it was before. Or maybe I just wasn’t very observant.

Either way, I have the gimpy leg bug written down in my to-do list for the next Time Bomb maintenance release, so maybe it will get fixed next time.

v1.190828.3 Changelog:

  • Updated project to Unity 2018.4 LTS
  • Fixed “climbing over robots” bug introduced in previous version
  • Players can no longer repeatedly activate the self-destruct mechanism

As always, more information about Time Bomb, updated download links, and the WebGL version can be found here:

LD32 Time Bomb