Planetary Devourers has received a maintenance release for 2019.

The last time I attempted to give Planetary Devourers a maintenance release, I got discouraged by the fact that something about the WebGL builds caused USFXR to be unable to play audio and quit before officially releasing anything. I had spent quite a fair amount of effort upgrading various things and preparing it for release, and in fact I was essentially finished and had already made builds for Windows, Linux, and MacOS before discovering that the sound effects for WebGL builds was broken.

This time I went into the project knowing what to expect and after a couple days effort have a release ready that solves the sound issues on WebGL as well as fixes a couple other bugs.

A lot of effort also went into replacing deprecated and legacy components, such as the old GUI with the newer and hopefully better uGUI and TextMesh Pro components. But I tried to make them look as close to the original as I could, so I don’t expect anyone to actually notice the difference there.

Hopefully now that virtually all of the hard work is done ripping out the old stuff and replacing it with the new stuff, future maintenance releases will just be a matter of opening the project in a new version of Unity and making the builds.

I wish it could be that easy. . .

v1.190831.3 Changelog:

  • Updated project to Unity 2018.4 LTS
  • Fixed player input skipping Game Over screen and immediately loading main menu
  • [WebGL] Sound effects now play correctly
  • [WebGL] Escape key no longer tries to quit, which would cause a crash

v1.171106.2 (Unreleased) Changelog:

  • Updated project to Unity 2017.2.0f3
  • Fixed unintentional one-way connections on level 6

As always, more information about Planetary Devourers, updated download links, and the WebGL version can be found here:

LD30 Planetary Devourers