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LD30 Planetary Devourers v1.190831.3 Maintenance Release

Planetary Devourers has received a maintenance release for 2019. The last time I attempted to give Planetary Devourers a maintenance release, I got discouraged by the fact that something about […]

Ludum Dare Maintenance Releases

I just completed my first round of Maintenance Releases, starting with my Ludum Dare Games. As described previously, I intended these maintenance releases to be simple and quick updates taking […]

Ludum Dare 30 – A Postpartum

Ludum Dare 30 took place this past weekend, August 22nd-25th, 2014. The theme was “Connected Worlds.” I participated in the 72 hour game jam and made a game called Planetary […]

LD30 – Planetary Devourers

Planetary Devourers is a game made for the 72 hour game jam for Ludum Dare 30. The theme was “Connected Worlds” for this jam. The objective of the game is to get […]