Blasteroids has been updated and is now available on Android through the Google Play Store or from (see widget below).

One of the more notable changes is that there was a bug which prevented the smaller asteroids from giving you more points, but it also prevented them from being harder to destroy. I’ve squashed that bug, which means it now takes less asteroids destroyed to attain a higher score, but the smaller asteroids move faster and as a result can be harder to react to in time before they crush you.

Changelog below:


Blasteroids on Google Play
Blasteroids on Google Play
  • Now available on Android with achievements, leaderboards, and cloud saves when signed into Google Play.
  • Fixed points not being awarded as intended. Higher scores should be easier to obtain.
  • Fixed a problem where statistics were not being loaded properly. Unfortunately, changes mean all stats are reset.
  • Menu touched up for bigger buttons.
  • Added link to NANY 2014 in Credits. (How did I forget this?)
  • Changed “Game Over” music.
  • Volumes now default to quieter setting.
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements.