Blasteroids has been updated on as well as the Google Play Store.

Blasteroids on Google Play
Blasteroids on Google Play

This release fixed a lot of major problems such as crash bugs that occurred on Android Lollipop, as well as various minor problems/fixes on all platforms.


  • [Android] Lollipop crash fixes.
  • Fixed quitting to menu not disabling slow motion.
  • [Webplayer] Can now quit to menu mid-game.
  • Game writes save data to file instead of only using PlayerPrefs.
  • Fixed shots hit not increasing.
  • Fixed achievements incrementing by too much.
  • Allowed more time to earn Consolation Prize achievement due to respawn changes.
  • [Android] Cloud saves sync your scores and progress across devices.
  • Space background is a bit more dynamic.
  • Fixed asteroids sometimes hiding off screen.
  • Other minor fixes/improvements.