Universe Build 11 is now available! Download it.


  • The sun will now damage (and destroy) your ship if you get too close for too long. This is not really fair since you start in the middle of it, but you will respawn up to 3000 times before it’s game over.
  • Now that I’m making public releases, I thought I’d better obey the TGB EULA (section 4 subsections b and c) which says I must display a splash screen featuring the TGB logo. You have no idea how much that splash screen broke the universe! Also, since I don’t have an about box or credits yet, be aware of the following information: “This game powered by Torque Game Builder.

So yeah, I guess that’s all for now. Weird bugs/problems with TGB as well as being busy getting ready for the fall semester to start and having to travel out of town are some of the reasons for the delay between this and the last build.

This is just a rudimentary effort in getting damage and destruction built into the game. It needs severe improvements since you can still fly your “ship” between the time it is destroyed and the time it respawns, and even if you run out of your 3000 lives the game will continue.