Universe Build 12 is now available. Download it.


  • Drag/damping is now disabled by default.
  • Modified player controls internally to allow for more options later. (Nothing visible to the user.)
  • Fixed a bug where the stars in the background sometimes wouldn’t show up when the level was first loaded.
  • Damage and destruction from the Sun was premature and has been removed.
  • Added DonationCoder.com Games Division splash screen, just for fun.

I’ve realized that there are controls that have never been explained. Right now the controls are as follows:

Arrow Keys: Move ship.

S: Stop ship. It’s a one-way toggle, (pressing this again will not “untoggle” the Stop process) so you don’t need to hold the button down. This will just bring your ship to a gradual stop by enabling drag. Note that if you press S and then press the Up or Down arrow keys, you will interrupt the Stop process and drag will once again be disabled.

M: Toggles between standard maximum speed and ten times the standard max speed. Use this to accelerate to very fast speeds! Be sure to toggle it off to help you slow down quickly.

Enjoy! As always, feedback is appreciated!