First posts are almost always terrible. So let’s just get this out of the way.

Update from the future: This is no longer the first post in this blog because I eventually found a backup of another blog or two of mine and merged all the posts all into this blog’s database.

Yep. I’m starting another blog, for the millionth time. I’ll probably do something with it for a few days (if that long) and then forget about it again. But this time even if I go a year without posting to it, I’m not going to delete it and start fresh. Or at least that’s how I picture it happening right now. Who knows what I’ll do in the future?

I’m currently going through the book Head First C# (2nd Edition) by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene. I’m only on chapter 2, so the material is still pretty basic for someone like me who does have some experience with programming (though I’m not really good at this specific language), but I’m enjoying it and I think it will be a great book to learn C# from. I plan to go through a chapter each day, depending on how difficult the exercises are. Plus there are three labs that may take a day (or two?) each. So with 15 chapters and three labs I expect to be through the book an an expert in C# in about 3 weeks!

The ultimate goal for learning C# is to use it as the programming language in the Unity 3D Game Engine to (obviously) make games. So while this blog will most likely have plenty of Unity-related posts, it’s really going to be used as a way to get me to “check in” with myself or provide status updates to measure my progress over time. Because otherwise I don’t know if I’ll ever accomplish anything.

So yeah, first status update: I went through chapter 1 yesterday and chapter 2 today. So far each chapter is about 40 pages and chapter 3 looks to keep up with that trend. The entire book is nearly 775 pages from chapter 1 until the index, so it seems some chapters will be more than 40 pages.

But that’s okay because there are lots of big pictures and interesting things so it doesn’t get too boring.

One final note: Considering this is about programming, I thought the title of the post was fitting, even though it’s the sample post that WordPress automatically generates on a new install.