An update to cInput has been submitted to the Asset Store and the cInput website. If you bought cInput from the Asset Store then the update should be available within 24 (business) hours. If you bought it from the website then the update is available right now.

cInput changes:


  • Added deadzone settings on a per-axis basis with SetAxisDeadzone().
  • Fixed ChangeKey not setting modifiers properly (for reals). (Thanks ratking)
  • Fixed mixing keyboard and joystick/mouse inputs on an axis being totally broken. (Thanks Laztor)
  • Fixed individual sensitivity and gravity not working properly.


  • Fixed GetAxisRaw almost always returning 0 when using gamepad and mouse axis. (Thanks V4nKw15h)
  • Fixed ChangeKey not setting modifiers properly. (Thanks Krileon)
  • Fixed secondary inputs not accepting modifiers. (Thanks hjupter)