I’ve been trying to write at least one blog entry per month this year, and I missed August. Oops!

August was a busy month for me. I spent about half of it out of town or away from home.

I’m not really sure where to talk about the work I’m doing on Cubiq. I had planned all future posts to go on Cubiq’s website, but that was just going to be for releases and news. But right now we’re between releases, working on a beta update that’s taking a lot longer than expected due to a variety of factors including my absence for a few weeks.

We almost released an update this past Friday, but at the last moment discovered a fairly significant, seemingly game-breaking bug. It’s a pernicious one that’s hard to track down; we were plagued by a similar bug for months before we managed to fix it. So at least we have some idea of what’s causing it this time. But with both of the coders on the project having more restricted schedules lately, development has slowed down a bit.

All that said, the next update should be fairly significant. The changelog should reflect that. And it will be visually obvious that some changes have taken place. I’d go into more specifics about it but that seems like it would belong in the announcement/update post on the Cubiq website instead of here.

In other news, I’ve become a student once more, so my time will be more limited for the foreseeable future.

I’ll continue to try to post monthly updates, but in doing so, this blog may transition from being a development blog to more of a general, personal blog where I talk about more in my life than just the games I’m developing. Maybe I’ll start talking more about the games I’m playing, which as far as I remember, I’ve only done once before.