I’ve just completed maintenance releases for my lesser-developed NANY games, Blast Off! (NANY 2013) and Bomber (NANY 2015).

I actually updated Bomber in April but was waiting until I updated Blast Off! before mentioning it here, but then got busy working on other projects, such as my participation in Ludum Dare 41, which I’ll write about later. There wasn’t much to update in Bomber. It is a simple game without much going for it. I was able to do it in a single evening without any troubles. The smooth upgrade process was really nice compared to my earlier Ludum Dare maintenance releases.

You can play Bomber in the browser here, or get updated desktop builds on Itch.io.

Blast Off! took a little bit more effort because I had actually left it in a partially-refactored state years ago when I had planned to have it running on Android and add more features, including networking for online play. This means I had to rip out a bit of unfinished code and features that I no longer plan to implement, such as Android builds. I also had to entirely redo the UI since it used what is now Unity’s Legacy GUI which has been deprecated (for years). Doing UIs is one of my least favorite aspects of game development, but thankfully it was a relatively simple process which didn’t take much effort. The fact that part of my partially finished refactor from years ago involved building the framework for moving away from the Legacy GUI to another system helped things along nicely.

Unfortunately, it seems that one of the fun things I added to Blast Off! (years ago but apparently never released?)–where the buildings in the background react to the music–doesn’t function in the WebGL build. But since that’s just an aesthetic feature and doesn’t otherwise affect gameplay, I’m not too disappointed by the results of this maintenance release.

You can play Blast Off! in the browser here, or get updated desktop builds on the game’s homepage.