Worm Wars has received a maintenance release for 2019.

The last time I gave Worm Wars a maintenance release, changes to the physics system between the Unity engine versions caused some problems with the collision detection which I wasn’t able to resolve. This lead me to stop partway through the update and just make a new WebGL build to make up for the fact that there was no way to play the game in the browser due to the old Unity WebPlayer becoming deprecated and all major browsers dropping support for it.

This time I was able to apply a partial fix for the weird collision issues so that worms can no longer travel inside each other for several tiles and still survive. However, the collision is still a little weird sometimes and allows two worms to enter the same tile at the same time, but both will die when they travel to the next tile.

So, honestly if you’ve got a desktop build that’s working just fine for you, then this version is arguably a downgrade.

Maybe next year I’ll finally be able to fix it for good.

v1.190826.2 Changelog:

  • Updated project to use Unity 2018.4 LTS.
  • Partial fix for collision detection issue introduced in v1.171106.1.

As usual, more information, download links, and the WebGL version can be found here:

LD31 Worm Wars