Be Tiny, World! has been updated.

As you may know due to the previous update to this game being nearly three years ago, this game is no longer in active development.

That said, the world of browser plugins has changed since the last update, and the Unity WebPlayer version was no longer functional. So I decided to make a WebGL build using Unity 2017.1 and in the process I discovered and fixed a minor bug which should now be fixed for all applicable platforms.

November 2017 Update: After making this post, I’ve decided to make similar maintenance releases for my other Unity games and prototypes.

v1.170812.19 changes:

  • Game now uses Unity 2017.1.
  • Pressing Escape will no longer activate the menu while unpausing, or pause while de-activating the menu.

As usual, the downloads can be found here:

Be Tiny, World!