Blasteroids has been updated on as well as the Google Play Store.

Despite my previous (and first) maintenance release for Blasteroids stating that the game was complete, I’ve added a couple new features and made a couple of quality of life improvements/bugfixes.

Probably the single largest feature, as far as the time it took to implement, is the new language selection option. I took a look at the Steam Hardware & Software Survey to see which languages were used by most of the players, and anything that was 2% or higher made my list of languages to support.

That said, it looks as though the values have changed since I made my list. For example, at the time of writing, it seems Korean has dropped down below 2%. In addition to that, people who are paying attention may notice that Dutch is a very small percentage of Steam players, coming in at under 0.5%, yet that language is included in this update. Why? Because I know someone who speaks Dutch who I could rely on for a good translation. (Thanks, Roidz!)

Speaking of the translations, I had to rely on Google Translate for some of the phrases that needed translating, so there will most likely be errors. If you notice an error in one of the translations, please feel free to get in touch with me and I will do what I can to make it right.

The rest of the changes are in the full changelog below:


  • Updated project to Unity 2018.4.x LTS.
  • Localization for English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Korean, and Dutch.
  • Discord Rich Presence integration! (Win/Linux/Mac only)
  • Bullets can now reach the far corners of the screen.
  • Getting a very high score (likely possible only with cheats) no longer results in negative numbers.