When I first started doing maintenance releases three years ago, the plan was to do an annual update of my projects using the latest version of Unity to ensure my projects still ran on modern hardware, and especially in modern browsers for my games with web builds.

The goal was to spend perhaps a couple hours or up to a weekend per project to upgrade it to the last Unity version and put out new builds.

But over the years it has become harder and harder to maintain my aging projects, with changes to various systems breaking between each new version of Unity. It’s not always feasible to upgrade a project in a weekend anymore with all the fixes that need to keep a project functioning properly after an engine upgrade.

Not only that, but as the years go on, I care less and less about my older and older projects and don’t have the motivation to put in the work required to maintain these old, disused projects. Especially since, if I’m being frank, virtually no one else plays or cares about them either.

So today I’m announcing the end of annual maintenance releases.

There may still be an occasional maintenance release in the future for various projects, depending on how much work is required and how important it is to me, with newer projects more likely to see updates than older projects. But I will no longer be doing annual maintenance releases for each and every project of mine.