Flipside Game Released

I participated in an event on DonationCoder.com called New Apps for the New Year (NANY) 2012. Lots of great freeware/donationware programs were created for NANY 2012. I made one called […]


Flipside is a two-player game where both players play at the same keyboard (hotseat multiplayer). You have a single board, where you play on both sides of it simultaneously. Basically, […]

Programming Theory – Predicting Turn Order

First of all, a disclaimer: I’m a bit embarrassed about writing this entry because I feel like this isn’t a hard problem so I should just know how to do […]

Harvest: Massive Encounter

I just wrote a review of Harvest: Massive Encounter over on DonationCoder.com. Somebody gifted me a copy of Harvest: Massive Encounter back in July and I was so busy I forgot all […]


Graphical User Interface

I couldn’t sleep, so instead I decided to work on my programming skills. More specifically, I learned how to make Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) in Unity. I always had a […]

Sturdy Up Your Heart

I really love this song. I’ve tried to teach you well, son, all of everything I knew of how to live this life: Be true.┬áDon’t bow your head to no […]

The Best Laid Plans Always Fail

It has been a while since my initial post in which I outlined my plan of going through a chapter per day on that C# book so I figured it […]

Steaming Mad at Steam!

Dear Steam, I can’t help but love you. You’re so convenient. Your sales are so good (and frequent!). I can’t tell you how many games I’ve purchased for the 2nd […]

Hello world!

First posts are almost always terrible. So let’s just get this out of the way. Yep. I’m starting another blog, for the millionth time. I’ll probably do something with it […]

Screenshot of Universe


Universe is now available. Download it. Changelog: Control Scheme Changes: Ship is now controlled with WASD keys by default. What was previously known as Battle Mode is now known […]

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is a Sisyphean platformer game prototype where the objective is to climb to the top of the screen and reach the goal. The twist is that every […]


HexCards is a prototype for a trading/battle card game in which two players strategically place hexagonal cards on a playing field to capture the other’s cards. Each of the six […]

Universe v0.00.15 alpha

Announcing Universe Build 15! Get it here. Changelog: Code for the player controls have been overhauled (internally), which means you will not notice the following changes: Spaghetti code has been […]

Universe v0.00.14 alpha

Universe Build 14 is here. Download it. Changelog: Fixed the instant slowdown that occurred when changing to Battle Mode. Fixed a bug introduced by the above instant slowdown fix. Found […]

Universe v0.00.13 alpha

Universe Build 13 is now available. Download it. Changelog: You can now switch to “Battle Mode” by pressing M. This alters the controls of the ship to give you more […]