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Flipside Game Released

I participated in an event on called New Apps for the New Year (NANY) 2012. Lots of great freeware/donationware programs were created for NANY 2012. I made something called […]


Flipside is a two-player game where both players play at the same keyboard (hotseat multiplayer). You have a single board, where you play on both sides of it simultaneously. Basically, […]


Graphical User Interface

I couldn’t sleep, so instead I decided to work on my programming skills. More specifically, I learned how to make Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) in Unity. I always had a […]

Screenshot of Universe


Universe is now available. Download it. Changelog: Control Scheme Changes: Ship is now controlled with WASD keys by default. What was previously known as Battle Mode is now known […]

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is a Sisyphean platformer game prototype where the objective is to climb to the top of the screen and reach the goal. The twist is that every […]


HexCards is a prototype for a trading/battle card game in which two players strategically place hexagonal cards on a playing field to capture the other’s cards. Each of the six […]

Universe v0.00.15 alpha

Announcing Universe Build 15! Get it here. Changelog: Code for the player controls have been overhauled (internally), which means you will not notice the following changes: Spaghetti code has been […]

Universe v0.00.14 alpha

Universe Build 14 is here. Download it. Changelog: Fixed the instant slowdown that occurred when changing to Battle Mode. Fixed a bug introduced by the above instant slowdown fix. Found […]

Universe v0.00.13 alpha

Universe Build 13 is now available. Download it. Changelog: You can now switch to “Battle Mode” by pressing M. This alters the controls of the ship to give you more […]

Universe v0.00.12 alpha

Universe Build 12 is now available. Download it. Changelog: Drag/damping is now disabled by default. Modified player controls internally to allow for more options later. (Nothing visible to the user.) […]

Universe v0.00.11 alpha

Universe Build 11 is now available! Download it. Changelog: The sun will now damage (and destroy) your ship if you get too close for too long. This is not really […]

Universe v0.00.10 alpha

Build 10 was released today. Download it. With today’s release, Universe has graduated from Pre-Alpha stage and is now considered an alpha product. Major HUD Pointer Overhaul: Now pointers and […]

Universe v0.00.09 (Pre-Alpha)

Build 9 was created today. Download it. Changelog: Minor adjustment to Sun effects. Very basic (and terrible looking) distance display next to pointers to give you an idea how far […]

Universe v0.00.08 (Pre-Alpha)

Universe Build 8 is ready to demo. Download it. Nothing has changed visually so no new screen shots this time. Changes: Pressing D now toggles drag, keeping you from automatically […]

Universe v0.00.07 (Pre-Alpha)

Universe Pre-Alpha Build 7 was created today. Download it. Prettied up the way the sun looks. Added HUD pointers to point out where objects are in space. This allows me […]